We rent to CLEAN Tenants who have never been evicted, convicted of a violent crime, have no civil judgments against them, and can prove income of at least 3 times that of the rent to ensure they can comfortably afford the apartment they are applying for.

All prospective Tenants over the age of 18 will go through the Tenant screening process, which will include a criminal background check, credit check, income/employment verification, and previous Landlord history.

The cost to move in is one month’s rent plus the security deposit (the equivalent of one month’s rent + $100 unless a higher deposit is warranted) and pet fees if applicable.

All Sommer Property Investments properties are non-smoking and any Tenant or guests thereof will be expected to dispose of cigarette filters and other trash in appropriate outdoor receptacles. No Tenant personal items shall be left in common areas without Landlord permission.

One-year Leases are standard but 9-month Leases are available to students/teachers & others for an additional $15/mo or 6-month/Month-to-Month Leases are available for an additional $25/mo as a service to Tenants. We do not offer Leases that end during the winter months.

Only Lessee listed in Lease Agreement shall be considered a legal Tenant with rights to Occupancy. Landlord shall abide by the HCD Occupancy Permit’s rules for the number of Tenants that may occupy any given unit. Notice to one Tenant will serve as Notice to All, & multiple Tenants will be treated as ONE. All Tenants will be responsible for the entire rental amount & damages (if there are any) regardless of breakups, fights among roommates, job relocation’s, or other changing circumstances.

Sommer Property Investments is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Tenants, please separate your trash bound for landfill from your recyclables and bring both out regularly to their respective dumpsters in the alleys. Let us know if you are good at landscaping & we may offer you a rental discount for your green thumb!

Please Email Julie with any leasing, rental policy or other questions not addressed here. Email is our primary method of communicating with Tenants and individual phone calls will not be made to give Notice when accessing apartments.

For Repairs & Maintenance EMERGENCIES, Text or call Alan 618.559.6784 and please Email Alan or use the WORK ORDER FORM on this website for non-emergency work order requests which will be addressed in order according to our priorities for maintaining all properties. Aesthetics will be addressed last.

Pet Policies

We welcome responsible pet owners to most of our properties. For dogs 49 lbs and under, there is a one-time $250 non-refundable pet fee and $25/mo pet rent. For dogs 50 lbs and over, there is a $300 non-refundable pet deposit and $30/mo pet rent. Cats, rabbits, and other small pets require a $100 fee and $10/mo pet rent. Pet waste is to be picked up DAILY/immediately. Cat boxes must be maintained or remediation of a lingering urine smell may be deducted from security deposit.

The Tenant is to be fully responsible for any damage to other Tenants, to their pets and property, their guests, and to Landlord property that may result from the maintenance of the pet. All large or aggressive breed dogs shall be covered by Renter’s insurance & monitored closely by Tenant as to pose no harm to other Tenants and their pets and are solely the responsibility of Tenant.

Only spayed/neutered animals with updated shots and summer flea preventative (for outdoor pets) may live on the premises and all local laws shall be observed as well as the provision of humane & clean conditions including access to fresh food & water, clean kitty litter boxes, and no tethering, or otherwise confining animals, for more than 8.5 hours at a time will be allowed. No dogs will be allowed unsupervised in the yard. No puppies or house-training shall occur on the premises.

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